Beards Need Love Too! The Best Valentines Day Gifts for Men With Beards

Over 20% of men under the age of 60 spend time each day caring for their beards. Wouldn't you like to make this daily grooming ritual easier for the man in your life?

Luckily, there is a range of gifts for men with beards that are perfect for this Valentine's Day.

Here are the top picks to create a fabulous beard. Read on to find out what they are. 

Classic Safety and Straight Razors 

One of the best beard grooming devices is a good shaver for trimming and shaping. More modern razors add unnecessary blades that only leave the skin irritated. They also hold bacteria and cause ingrown hairs.

Stick to a classic double safety razor or an even more traditional straight razor to get a close shave without the trouble caused by multiple-bladed cartridges. 

Add a pack of blades to your gift to allow your significant other to get a clean, smooth shave each time they want to give their beard a trim or reshape it. 

Oil for Pre-shaving and Moisturizing

Just because they are a man doesn't mean that they don't deserve some pampering. Show them some love too with a beard grooming gift that moisturizes and makes shaving easier. 

Beard oils come with natural herbal essences that can make skin and beard hair soft, smell nice, and be healthier. There has been anecdotal evidence of men's beards growing faster, stronger, and thicker from using essential oils. 

Choose from oils with a cool mint effect to limit irritation. Or get some cinnamon-, sage-, or cedar-infused oil for a pleasant manly scent. 

Dopp Kit

Sometimes men with beards have so many products that you don't know what to get them. But, if their beard gear is lying all over the bathroom, bedroom, and even the living room there is the perfect gift to keep them organized.

A Dopp kit is a fancy bag that keeps all of your man's products safely stowed away. It is durable since it is usually made of leather and a heavy-duty zipper. These bags age well and create a classic aged look and texture the more they are used.

These bags also work great for travel as they are small enough to keep in a carry-on.

Don't worry about spending too much money on a Dopp kit since they will last for a lifetime if properly cared for. 

The Beard Comb

You could also make their grooming time special with a set of combs. 

No matter the length or thickness, every beard needs a comb to keep it looking its finest. A comb removes loose hairs, limiting the amount of shedding and stray hairs on your clothes and furniture. Plus, it keeps hair straight and groomed.

Combs come in natural wood designs and in various sizes to fit your man's beard type. You can buy small combs just for mustaches or large ones to cover the width of a full beard.

Buy several sizes to give your loved one options while combing. 

A nice travel-size comb that has a folding pocket and a covering case makes grooming on-the-go easy. Create a novelty gift with a customized embroider of their name on the comb or case to make it extra special.

Beard Wash

Your beard has different textures and oils than the hair on your head. It requires specific shampoo to maintain its natural properties. 

Keep your loved one's beard clean and shiny with bathing gifts for bearded men. These products should be BPA-free and contain natural ingredients that nourish the beard for growth and health. 

You don't want your man's beard to smell like flowers when they use your shampoo. Instead, a beard wash will have him smelling both rustic and refined with scents like ginseng and lemon with aloe for moisturizing. 

Beard Balm

After a wash, the beard can get frizzy, rough, and like wire. Calm your man's beard with a soothing balm. 

Balms are thick, creamy moisturizers that are left in the beard for all-day conditioning. They come in a variety of flavors to suit anyone's desires. Choose your loved one's favorite scent to have them jumping for joy.

Some men have never explored the benefits of a beard balm. If this is the case, you can try several balms that use coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and more to see which one he likes best.

Trimming Scissors

Sometimes a razor is too much effort and not precise enough to get those random hairs cut. 

A pair of stainless steel trimming scissors are the perfect accessory for men with beards. They make precise trimming easy without the hassle of using an electric trimmer. 

Scissors are a quick solution that won't have your man making a huge mistake that might cost them their beard. 

Beard Kit

If your man has just grown his first long-term beard, he might be in need of many items on this list. If so, buy him a starter kit that includes samples of the products discussed in this article. 

He can see what he likes and needs before buying more expensive items. He can also decide which balms, oils, and washes he likes best. 

Now You Know About Some of the Best Gifts for Men With Beards

There are so many gifts for men with beards that it might be hard to decide where to buy them. You don't want to buy generic items or products that will irritate your man's mane. 

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