How To Make Your Beard Without a Mustache Look Like A Million Bucks

This is a difficult style to pull off without looking like a time traveler however, there are methods to make your beard look like a million bucks without a mustache.

Try this modern style:

How to trim a beard without a mustache?

1. Trim Your Facial Hair Evenly

Even out your beard hair length with an electric trimmer or scissors. Trimming facial hair before shaving will help reduce irritation while shaving and will even out your beard length. 

2. Define Your Beard Shape

Remove your trimmer’s comb attachment and trim your beard to define the beard shape. For the best style results, keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks and slightly longer on your jawline.

3. Prep Your Mustache.

Rinse your face with warm water to help hydrate your hair in preparation for shaving. Then, lather up the mustache and high cheek area with a shave gel.

4. Shave Mustache and High Cheek Area

Attach a fresh razor blade (or use a straight razor) and shave with light, gentle strokes to give yourself a clean and close shave. Make sure to maintain an even look on both cheeks and only shave the high cheek and mustache area.

5. Rinse, Towel, and Moisturize.

Rinse off your face with cool water. Towel off, and then apply a quality beard oil to your remaining facial hair. Use beard balm and a beard comb to maintain soft and moisturized facial hair.

Maintain your beard without a mustache with these beard kits: