The 4 Best Beard Products for the Well-Groomed Man

Looking nice when you go out isn’t only about wearing your best clothes. You could be wearing a tailored suit but if your beard looks scruffy it completely ruins the image. You need only the best beard products to keep your facial hair in top shape. 

Beard oil will leave it feeling nice and soft. If you have a long beard you’ll need to keep it debris-free with the right shampoo. Getting grooming scissors and a trimmer is necessary for beard management.

Want to learn how all these products come together to keep your beard looking good? Check out this guide.

1. Beard Oil 

If you only invest in one product for your beard, it needs to be beard oil. The most annoying thing about having a beard is the itchy dryness that sometimes comes along with it.

Beard oil fixes this problem by soothing and conditioning not only the hairs themselves but the skin underneath it as well. Rub the oil into your beard after you wash it for the best results. 

2. Beard Balm 

Beard balm functions in pretty much the same way as beard oil. It helps the beard as it grows and keeps it nice and soft. The difference between the balm and the oil is that the balm is the best product for men with long beards. 

It has more of a waxy texture that helps to shape longer beards. It can even tame bushy curls. To get the most out of your beard balm, make sure that you cover every single strand with it.  

3. Beard Shampoo

You can use the same shampoo on your beard that you use on your hair but the results won't be as good. Your beard hair is much more coarse than the hair on your head. The skin that's under your beard is more sensitive than your scalp. 

Beard shampoo is made with these two factors in mind. The ingredients work to soothe your skin and keep your beard soft while also washing away any debris and dirt that's managed to get trapped in it.   

4. Beard Tools

There are certain tools that are essential to any beard kit. They are so important in fact, that we've lumped them into their own category. 

Grooming Scissors 

Using a trimmer for your facial hair is much faster than using scissors but you can't do precise cuts with a trimmer. Scissors allow you to shape your beard any way you want. 

You can also use them to quickly snip away any stray hairs that the trimmer didn't catch when you were shaving. 

Brush and Comb 

Having a brush may not seem like a wise investment but it's a godsend if you have a longer beard. It keeps it soft and helps train the hairs to grow in the direction you want them to grow in. 

Brushing each day will also exfoliate the skin under your beard. You'll want to pick up a quality comb to go with your brush. Combs keep your beard tangle-free and helps with styling. 


You'll want to pick up a timmer in order to touch up your beard without getting rid of it altogether. The thing about trimmers is that they aren't good for precision cuts like scissors are. 

If you're trying to shape your beard, use scissors. If you're doing some heavy chopping, use the trimmer. 

Best Beard Products

Now that you know everything that needs to be in your beard kit, it's time to assemble it. Here are a few products that you'll find helpful.  

The Roosevelts- Big Bend Beard Oil 

This beard oil strengthens the hairs in your beard while also making it feel soft and smell amazing. All you need is a drop and you'll be able to groom your beard and have a cologne that smells like a campfire coupled with worn leather. Talk about multi-purpose. 

The Roosevelts- Grand Teton Beard Balm 

Grand Teton Beard Balm will soften your beard while also taming any stray hairs. It also smells like citrus, vanilla, and sandalwood. What's not to love? 

The Roosevelts- Large Beard Comb 

When you're buying a beard comb you're going to need something that can hold up. The cheap plastic ones you get from the dollar store will snap in half during their first use. 

The Roosevelts- Large Beard Comb is made with cellulose acetate. Translation, it will glide through your beard like a knife through butter to reduce pesky split ends. It works well on all beards from big to small.  

The Roosevelts- Beard Trimming Shears 

The blades on these scissors are made with beveled Japanese steel. Not only are they strong but they're resistant against corrosion. The handles are ergonomic which makes them more comfortable to hold and easier to control when while trimming.  

When you're not using them, you can put them in the sweet leather case that they come with. 

Mint Pistol Beard Wash 

Mint Pistol Beard Wash is made with a refreshing combination of peppermint and tea tree. It's easy on the face while being able to tackle even the coarsest of hair. 

It also preserves the natural oils in your beard rather than pull them out and it keeps frizz away.  

Products to Keep Your Beard Soft and Clean

There's more to looking nice than dressing to the nines. You need to have a well-kept beard to go with it. Try out some of the best beard products on this list to keep your beard soft and tangle-free. 

Ready to pick up some of the items on this list to start your beard grooming kit? Go here to browse through our store