The Van Dyke Beard: Sleek & Stylish

The theory behind the Van Dyke beard style is simple: a goatee combined with a mustache. The Van Dyke beard style gets its name from the 17th Century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. This beard style was his signature look. Today the Van Dyke beard has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity.

When sporting the Van Dyke beard, your cheeks have to be completely free of facial hair. A Van Dyke beard looks better if it is more defined, so those who choose to wear this style are advised to pay close attention to the shape of the beard, making sure that the lines remain clear as time passes.


Make sure that your face is clean-shaven. Whether you are an experienced beard lover or you are a newbie to the world of facial hairstyles, your canvas should be super clean for convenient trimming and styling.

Wait a week to let all your hair grow evenly. Once your stubble reaches a ¼ inch, you are ready for the Van Dyke style.

Creating The Beard:

  1. Before getting a circle beard, you should lather your face with shaving cream.
  2. Then, shave the cheeks and sideburns, leaving two inches of hair on both sides of your mouth.
  3. Razor off the bottom hairs.
  4. Even the hairs out with a beard comb to make sure everything is accurate.
  5. Go on to create a goatee by shaving the chin beard. If your hair is thick, trim the edges for a sharper look.

How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard Video:


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