Top 5 Beard Styles for 2020

1. Bandholz Beard

The Bandholz Beard style combines a mustache with a full beard. While the Garibaldi style stops at around the 20 cm mark, the Bandholz style does not have a specific maximum length. Due to this fact, it allows many people to grow this style of beard without looking the same. The mustache should be groomed so it does not extend over the upper lip and the edges should blend into the beard beneath. The base of the beard should be slightly rounded at the edges and the bottom should be even with a few stray hairs as possible. The idea behind this look is a woodsman combined with a sophisticated flair.

2. Full Beard

A natural Full beard can be defined as any beard that is at least 1 month old. However, most Full beards that are referred to as such usually consist of at least 3 months of growth. The natural beard features only subtle styling. The Sideburns can be trimmed slightly to provide a fade between the hair and beard.

3. Garibaldi Beard

Ah, the Garibaldi beard. Full. Bold. A bit unkempt. A grand statement if you prefer all things beard.

Named after General Giuseppe Garibaldi, who helped unify Italy in the 19th century, the Garibaldi combines a mustache with a full beard that has a wide, rounded base at its bottom. It’s definitely a member of the full beard family, and its base is achieved with the same method as the classic full beard, but the rounded part at the bottom is the distinctive part of its overall charm.

4. Van Dyke Beard

The theory behind the Van Dyke beard style is simple: a goatee combined with a mustache. The Van Dyke beard style gets its name from the 17th Century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. This beard style was his signature look. Today the Van Dyke beard has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity.

When sporting the Van Dyke beard, your cheeks have to be completely free of facial hair. A Van Dyke beard looks better if it is more defined, so those who choose to wear this style are advised to pay close attention to the shape of the beard, making sure that the lines remain clear as time passes.

5. Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail style of beard is another twist of the original full beard and gets its name from its appearance.

By looking at it you can easily see how much the bottom part of this style of beard resembles the tail of a duck.

Many beardsmen consider the Ducktail beard a perfect compromise between the wild characteristic of having a beard and well-groomed sophistication. It’s possible for this reason the Ducktail beard continues to be one of the most popular styles of beard today.

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